E.Qual Packages System

We have built Packages System which consist of pumps, pipings and accessories assembled together on skid complete with the control system. All the packages have been made according to the customer’s requirement and/or international standard as well as local regulations.

Fire Fighting Packages

Consist of Diesel Driven Pump, Electric Driven Pump and Jockey Pump with controller on each package. Pump used : EQual, Genvik or Bombas Ideal

Application :

  • High Rise Building
  • Residential
  • Industrial Compound
  • Club Houses
  • NFPA-20 Standard Available

Chemical Injection Packages

Strictly fabricated and assembled based on customer’s specific requirements and applications. Pump used : LMI or Milton Roy

Application :

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Chemical Processing
  • Boiler
  • Chiller

Water Booster Packages

To fullfil the water demand which fluctuates regular or irregularly, we provide pressure controlled pump package that meets the need. Available in fix speed or variable speed controlled. Pump used : EQual, Genvik or Bombas Ideal.

Application :

  • Water Supply
  • Municipal
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial Water Supply
  • HVAC

Irrigation System Packages

The package is consist of pumps and controller specifically designed for irrigation purpose. Either semi automatic or fully automatic control can be provided. Pump used : EQual, Genvik or Bombas Ideal.

Application :

  • Golf Course
  • Plantation

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